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Roman Family Chiropractic

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Satisfied Patient

Real Men, Real Results:

“I have lost 40 pounds, and my belly fat. My PSA
has returned to normal numbers, and my prostate
has shrunk to normal size. I have more energy.
I didn’t think I could ever feel any better before
starting with Dr Gunyan, but I feel great!”
Satisfied Patient

What do you love about RFC?

“Dr. Roman and group are amazing. Always friendly and
welcoming. Dr.Roman always gets me in tip top body
mobility for fights and training. Also always has a positive
look on life and sharing kind words to uplift spirits.”
Cole B.
Satisfied Client

What would you tell others about our workshop?

“I was diagnosed with high cholesterol at the age of 24. I was told
due to my family history that it was not surprising and was
prescribed medications. My fiance dragged me to Dr Gunyans
workshop and I felt like he was talking directly to me. Since
starting on my health plan I have lost 50 lbs, have more energy,
and have no need for any medications. Plus, my fiance says I am
in a better mood. I would recommend everyone attend the
workshop so they can be informed and decide for themselves how
it can work for them.”
Jeanette S.
Satisfied Patient

My body is in balance and pain free!

“After a terrible fall in May I suffered from pain in my neck, back, hips and legs. In fact, I had trouble walking for about a week. And then painfully thereafter. Now, with Dr. Roman’s kind care, my body is in balance and pain free. I have more energy and can run almost as fast as my 17 month old. Hooray!”

Cecilia G.
Satisfied Patient

I am still seeing changes and success to my BODY.

“I used to take 5 back pain pills a day. I only take one now. I had to use both of my hands to help myself to stand up, now I just stand up without any help. When I took trips to Denver or Salt Lake with my husband I slept all the way going & coming, now I’m able to carry on a conversation with him and keep him awake. I had numbness on my left cheek and since I started Chiropractic with Dr. Roman some feeling has been coming back. I am still seeing changes and success to my BODY.

Thanks Dr. Roman for being my Chiropractor!”

Sandy S.
Satisfied Patient

What would you tell someone who has

never experienced our office?

“This is the next health evolution. Help your body heal itself.”
Rod R.
Satisfied Patient

How has your Health and Life improved by

implementing the Road to Wellness Approach?

“My health has dramatically improved since beginning care. I have seen big changes in body composition, losing body fat and
leaning up. Joint pain and fatigue have also disappeared and
the feeling of being “old” is no longer a problem. The energy
levels and overall happiness have improved dramatically and I no longer suffer from the extreme bouts of fatigue.”
Trisha R.
Satisfied Patient

My hip has become strong and stable again!

“I dislocated my hip about 7 years ago and went through 2 1/2 years of physical therapy, scans, x-rays and specialists before walking without limping. Since then my hip has hurt on and off and has been weak. I had to stop many activities that I once enjoyed and have also become very cautious about new activities. This weekend I water-skied for the first time in several years! My hip has become strong and stable again since beginning treatment with Dr. Roman in December.”

Jeff B.
Satisfied Patient

Shown the light at the end of the tunnel!

“A chronology of restoration of full movement and general excellent health:
1) Bing Lee’s treatments, diagnosis & referral to Randy Roman. 2) R.F.C assessments, several treatments and stretching exercises. 3) Bing Lee treatment – pin-pointing of psoas energy. 4) Two more R.F.C. treatments, 1 new exercise & use of Bing’s diagnosis.

The Lee-Roman “team” has restored my mental health & energy toward pain & shown the light at the end of the tunnel of pain! Now, I’ll be a better watch guard to good health practices”

Wendy M.
Satisfied Patient

Weight loss of 6 lbs!

“After one week: a weight loss of 6 lbs, a positive approach to walking, good food. UPBEAT more so in a very LONG time!”