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Patient Testimonials

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My hip has become strong and stable again!

Trisha R.

❝I dislocated my hip about 7 years ago and went through 2 1/2 years of physical therapy, scans, x-rays and specialists before walking without limping. Since then my hip has hurt on and off and has been weak. I had to stop many activities that I once enjoyed and have also become very cautious about new activities. This weekend I water-skied for the first time in several years! My hip has become strong and stable again since beginning treatment with Dr. Roman in December.❞
Trisha R.

My body is in balance and pain free!

Jeanette S

❝After a terrible fall in May I suffered from pain in my neck, back, hips and legs. In fact, I had trouble walking for about a week. And then painfully thereafter. Now, with Dr. Roman's kind care, my body is in balance and pain free. I have more energy and can run almost as fast as my 17 month old. Hooray!❞
Jeanette S

Shown the light at the end of the tunnel!

Jeff B.

❝A chronology of restoration of full movement and general excellent health:
1) Bing Lee's treatments, diagnosis & referral to Randy Roman. 2) R.F.C assessments, several treatments and stretching exercises. 3) Bing Lee treatment - pin-pointing of psoas energy. 4) Two more R.F.C. treatments, 1 new exercise & use of Bing's diagnosis.

The Lee-Roman "team" has restored my mental health & energy toward pain & shown the light at the end of the tunnel of pain! Now, I'll be a better watch guard to good health practices❞

Jeff B.

I am still seeing changes and success to my BODY.

Cecilia G.

❝I used to take 5 back pain pills a day. I only take one now. I had to use both of my hands to help myself to stand up, now I just stand up without any help. When I took trips to Denver or Salt Lake with my husband I slept all the way going & coming, now I'm able to carry on a conversation with him and keep him awake. I had numbness on my left cheek and since I started Chiropractic with Dr. Roman some feeling has been coming back. I am still seeing changes and success to my BODY.

Thanks Dr. Roman for being my Chiropractor!❞

Cecilia G.

Weight loss of 6 lbs!

Wendy M.

❝"After one week: a weight loss of 6 lbs, a positive approach to walking, good food….. UPBEAT more so in a very LONG time!"❞
Wendy M.